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We offer payroll services for small to medium-sized businesses through Alpha Payroll Services. Our clients know they can rely on Alpha Payroll Services for accurate and timely payroll processing the first time and every time. Whether you are a business owner, a payroll manager, an accounting professional with payroll processing needs, or you’re simply looking for an alternative payroll company for your business, we have a comprehensive and affordable solution for you. Enjoy worry-free service at affordable prices by outsourcing your payroll needs to Alpha Payroll Services.


Alpha Card Services has been a trusted and secure source for all your payment processing requirements.  Our trusted guarantee continues with the introduction of Alpha Payroll Services.


We have developed the Alpha Payroll Service with the latest technology you have come to expect from Alpha Card.  Features such as payroll reporting tools which are option with other providers, are standard as part of our comprehensive package.


Every business is different.  We realize there is no a “one size fits all” approach to payroll.  Our account specialists will assist you in designing a payroll solution that is tailored specifically for your business requirements. 

Alpha Payroll Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of employees, pay types, employee and employer liabilities, deductions, benefits, time-off accrual types, and direct deposit accounts.

  • System accurately records tipped employees, including several restaurant payroll reports.

  • Alpha Payroll includes National Crime Search website portal for employee background screening.

  • My HR Support Center web portal for human resource managers and employees to utilize and reference for HR information.

  • New hire report included. Easily keep track of mandated reporting.

  • Certified Payroll to handle the most complex payrolls.

  • Alpha Payroll is multi-state ready and handles Federal and State taxes for all 50 states.

  • Access to over 300 payroll reports. Run your business more efficiently by saving time and money with instant reporting.

  • Integrated Tax Management.  Now you can eliminate third party involvement.

  • Integrated Pay-as-You-Go Workers Compensation.

  • Help your company Go Green with online access to reports and direct deposit information.


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